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Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts I do like a dark romance from time to time, I enjoy reading about the angst and the grittiness, the non consensual sex scenes that may have traumatised the heroine and need healing. But if there's a no go for me in anything that's labelled romance, it's a hero being brutal and deliberately violent towards the heroine. From the blurb I take it that Caleb, the hero, has his own violent and troubled past to deal with, but after reading that he hits her in order to make her submit, I really felt violated and discontinued. Forceful submission is a tricky subject to sell to the reader, but it can turn into something wonderful and romantic and erotic, if the author does it right, BUT NOT by using violence as a means of fulfilment. 2nd worst DNF in 2013 (after Break my Slowly by Joya Ryan)