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The Dom Who Loved Me - Lexi Blake Lately, it seems, I am unable to find a good m/f BDSM romance novel. I really do enjoy the genre and like supporting those authors, but The Dom Who Loved Me (a story with a rating over 4 on GR!), was another book I just wanted to throw against the next wall. I truly wanted to like this story, what isn't there to enjoy upon first sight? A big bad alpha/military dom looking like a viking who falls for a petite and cuddly older woman, some hot sex scenes and a nice happy ending and I would have been a happy camper. I didn't mind the stereotypes, I just wanted some credible D/s relationship, not a dom who plays Russian roulette with the most important gift from his sub, her trust.

Sean, who is supposedly an experienced dom, talks about setting up rules with Grace, but never does so. She's a complete virgin when it comes to BDSM, as reading novels about it doesn't qualify for real life experience. He repeatedly insinuates that Grace is manipulating him, when it sticks out a mile that she's only trying to please and touch him.

Sean sees in Grace a true submissive woman, because he thinks it comes naturally to her to please everybody before herself. What? I think that insults many strong submissives out there, because such a person is rather a doormat and a pushover in my book, exactly what Sean denies her to be. Personally, I couldn't stand Grace, because she caves in way to fast after discovering the way Sean and his comrades have deceived her.

I hate DNF-ing a book, I paid good money for it, but I simply coulnd't continue reading.