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Wallbanger - Alice Clayton I really loved the set up of this book. The wall-banging, harem owning hero and the self-confident owner of the funniest cat in romanceland, aka the heroine, make for a hilarious and quite original first encounter. Unfortunately, around the middle my initial B+ to A- rating went steadily downwards.

I love a long sexual build up and the promise of eroticism to scorch my pages later in a book, but since having read Wallbanger, I can safely say there IS something like too much build up, especially when the sex itself in the last fifth of the book is only mediocre. What probably went most on my nerves was the heroine’s inability to call a spade a spade. I am grown up, this is a grown up romance, and I frankly don't want to read sex scenes that remind me of infantile baby talk. Is it too much to ask to use words like vagina, pussy, cunt, cock or penis? I won't faint, I promise. But words like LC, as in lower Caroline, are cute the first time around but feel pretty silly when a couple in love gets down and dirty.

All together the book needs some serious shortening, because there is no real conflict in the story. Ok, the hero has a harem, but it's obvious from the start that the problem can be solved easily. And the heroine is missing her orgasm which she talks to like to an agony aunt, but again I am missing a true conflict. Usually, a book works with a good plot, good sex scenes or well-developed characters. If all three things are just mediocre, at least cut down the page number. Thanks to the secret hero of the story, Cliff the cat, I go with a C- instead of a D+.