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Just What the Truth Is - Cardeno C. Wow, I really love discovering great new authors, it's like Christmas and Easter together with so many new books to discover. The chemistry between the two heroes in Just What The Truth Is is incredibly sizzling and erotic. I so much enjoy reading about how a couple meets and falls in love with each other.
I really thought I was going with an A+ rate until the GFY hero, Ben Forman, has a few stupid moments when it comes to dealing with his "still in the closet" homosexuality. But it turns out right, eventually, and Mikah Trains, hero #2, puts down his foot and takes up a stance.
Why I ultimately go with a B+ grade is also, because the last part of the book is dedicated to narrate how Ben and Mikah found a family and become parents. I generally prefer not reading about children in romance books, be they homosexually or heterosexually oriented, but, I have to say, it was really lovely to see how dedicated and adorable everything turns out. B+