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Slave To Love - Nikita Black There are a number of reviews about this book concerning the ending where it turns out that the hero manipulated evidence to frame his father. Personally, I didn't mind that part at all as I believe a scrupulously and clean police force is a nice myth but nothing else. What really disturbed me though was the hero's behaviour and approach towards BDSM. Sooner or later, for me a good D/s story needs to make me believe that the couple trusts each other, that the sub is save under the dom's ministrations, that the submission is cherished and welcomed as an unparalleled gift. Mick is quite a sexy person and I didn't mind his troubled past or the way he turned out. But his behaviour as a dom towards Caroline doesn't make me want to trust him ... at all. And I can't help myself, I can't imagine a woman who inside the span of ten days becomes so self-confident as a slave that she doesn't care being played with and paraded before her work colleagues. Especially not by a dom I would be afraid of (and not in the sexy kind of way) should I meet him in real life. D (because the writing itself was pretty good)