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Take Me, Break Me

Take Me, Break Me - Cari Silverwood Errmm, in theory I find a capture fantasy quite alluring, but maybe I need a softer version (though I am sure this can't be labelled hardcore), because when the hero starts fantasising about pushing needles through various bodyparts of the herione I was plain and simply grossed out.

All the more so as Klaus, the dom, has zip zero zilch knowledge of BDSM when the story starts out and learns everything about bondage, clamps, gags and apparently needles from doing some research online. It's still supposed to be a romance novel, despite the whole capture thing, but letting someone who has exactly zero real life training push something through me is not, I repeat NOT! trustworthy and erotic. And sorry, I don't find the name Klaus sexy, but that's a personal thing.

The most stupid part, however, in this novel belongs to the heroine, Jodi who is very unlikable and micro-manages her whole capture fantasy. In order to gain some recognition and fame she orchestrates her own capture and wants Klaus, a boring accountant, to be her "villain" who develops a needle fetish and and transforms into Mr. Hyde during the story. Sorry, that's a DNF for me!.