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A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (#1-2)

A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (#1-2) - Mary Calmes This ARe freebie turned out somewhat disappointing for this reader, mainly due to certain plot aspects that didn't appear logical at all and because of a hero who behaves sometimes way too stupid to stay in the cute section.

Jory, the I-narrator, witnesses a murder, therefore the police wants to put him into protective custody. However, he doesn't want to give up life as he knows it and continues as if nothing has happened. He repeatedly goes to public places, turning himself into a living target and apparently has no fear and self preservation at all to even WANT to protect himself OR to recognise serious danger. I may be from a different planet, because in my book I at least want a hero to WANT to live and to be smart enough to see potential danger.

Jory hooks up with Sam, the heterosexual police Detective in charge. There's a lot of running away from each other that seemed somehow construed to me. Also, the villain was so obvious that only the red flash pointing at his head was missing. All in all I go with a D+, because while Jory annoyed the hell out of me, some parts in the story were really cute and funny. As an aside, this book only contains the first two installments of the series and does not end with a happy ending.