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Bad Things - R.K. Lilley After finishing the Up in the Air trilogy, I immediately started on Tristan and Danika's story, unfortunately, so far only the first instalment of the series is published. I got some tantalising glimpses of their past in the later part of the aforementioned trilogy, where the chemistry between them was really sizzling yet hostile.

Usually, I tend to avoid books featuring a hero or heroine with an alcohol addiction, as it's a kind of trope I don't really care for, not liking the taste of alcohol myself at all.

Bad Things starts out when Tristan is 26 and Danika just 21 years old. Tristan is some kind of singer in a rock band / party promoter and violently addicted to alcohol, thanks to his mother who started smoking joints with him and his brother when they were still children.

The story is well developed and suspenseful, though I do hope that book two and three are set in the present, because while reading UITA it was shown that Tristan and Danika have been separated for over five years due to some really tough shit that has happened in the past. I hope that Danika will grow some backbone, as in this instalment she is too much under Tristan's spell, idolising him and showing some serious co-dependency and unhealthy possessiveness. B