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Country Mouse - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov This short review applies to both instalments of the mini-series which I bought in a boxed set. I didn't like Malcolm, the supposedly toppy hero, all that much in the first book. He came over as an arrogant, pushy person with some major issues that weren't explained to me as a reader. Hadn't I bought both books together, I wouldn't have read the second instalment. The sex scenes were hot but nowadays I need more than sexy love scenes for a romance novel to grab me, and as already said, my major problem lay with Malcolm who wasn't very endearing.

Owen, however, the younger hero, has the patience of a saint and doesn't give up on Malcolm, and so we get to learn more about the two when Owen spontaneously decides to move to London, because he is falling for the Brit. I go with a C- for the first book and a straight B for the second book. C-, B