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Game Misconduct

Game Misconduct - Bianca Sommerland Fortunately, I didn't pay a lot for this book because I discontinued while still reading the first chapter. The story starts out with the hero playing voyeur to an acquaintance who satisfies a willing woman by threatening her with a knife and calling her all kinds of "lovely" names. As a result the hero gets a boner.

My problem is not so much the knife and name calling play as my first impression I get from the hero. I don't know him yet, but the first thing I find out about him, before I know whether he's charming or trustworthy, dark or humorous, is that he's turned on by a rather rude and in my personal opinion, off-turning scene. I take it knife play and name calling is a definite turn on for some in the BDSM lifestyle, I don't really care for it but I have encountered both in books where I found it very sexy.

Abigail Barnette's The Boss series comes to mind where Neal, the most perfect dom gentleman hero ever, does some name calling play with Sophie. It was highly erotic and darkly arousing, but only so because I learned to trust and like him first. DNF