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Undressed  - Avery Aster Undressed got a lot of hype in the online community, so I decided to give it a try despite my misgivings about the plot. Unfortunately, I didn't count on how distinctly the story's focus centres on the fashion and paparazzi world, something I have zero interest in and usually avoid in romances. So, concerning that part I clearly want to state it's not a bad plot, it's just that glamour worlds per se bore me endlessly.

Concerning Avery Aster's writing style, I have to say I find it very unique with lots of italic set words, but somewhat exhausting to get into. Add to this a plot I don't really care for and a first sexual intercourse scene that - despite of tons of erotic romances I have already read - yours truly has never before encountered in a book. Somewhere around the middle I started skipping pages, also because I found the heroine's nickname for the hero, Masi (full name Massimo), sounded really strange in my ears. All in all just an average book for me: C-