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Tied to the Tycoon - Chloe Cox When I read one of Chloe Cox's stories I know what I get. Harlequin Presents meets BDSM escapism romances, with dashing heroes who sweep the heroines of their feet. So far, so good, I was in the mood for this kind of book and after having really enjoyed the first in the series which was a bit too hasty in the end, I wanted to know how the series continued.

Unfortunately, we don't get any scoop on Stella and her Sheikh who are betrothed after only a very short time of knowing each other. This story solely focuses on Ava Barnett and Jackson Reed. During the last ten years Jackson Reed has groomed himself into the man he thinks Ava wants and now finally the time has come to win her back.

The sex scenes in this book have real potential, the build up is incredibly arousing and sizzling, but nearly always, the scene ends too abruptly. And the whole being suspended from a roof thing was just too bizarre. I don't know if such a thing has been done before, BUT, if I want to suspend my sub from a skyscraper, I wouldn't ask someone else to set the whole scene up. I would want to control myself whether everything is ok, her life depends on that.

Ava runs away a lot from Reese, and frankly, it went on my nerves after a while and the whole conflict felt a little construed and staged. All in all, Tied to the Tycoon is a nice, diverting romance, I go with a C grade.