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Afflicted II - Brandon Shire This review applies to both books in this mini-series, as it's quite difficult for me to separate the stories when they are so strongly intertwined. I bought this book solely because one of the heroes is blind, and I have a weak spot for blind heroes and was in the mood for a gay romance story.

I absolutely adored Hunter who is such a strong and self-reliant hero, despite having been protected and nearly suffocated by his mother's love before in his life. He has fought long and hard to become the independent man he is today, living alone in the city and owning a successful audio book production company. One evening he hooks up with Dillon, a professional male escort, and what started out as a very expensive 250$ night of great sex, soon turns into something more neither man has expected.

Brandon Shire does an excellent job of showing me Hunter's way of experiencing the world. He learns and assesses a lot of things by smell and hearing. He doesn't know what Dillon looks like when they start off their relationship but desires him because of his smell.

Dillon nowadays is a successful escort, but started out as a lowly street hustler after having been kicked out by his parents when they were told of his homosexuality.

Dillon and Hunter are an unlikely pair but as the story progresses, it is wonderfully portrayed that each can give the other what they need to blossom and grow stronger. I go with a solid B for this book and recommend it to anyone who loves gay romances with wounded heroes. B