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Impact - Cassandra Carr DNF after 20%. Clunky writing, an awkward established D/s relationship and zero captivating elements made me discontinue this Ellora's Cave freebie. In the very first part of the story the hero is shown how he plays with a willing sub and gets orally satisfied. Reading about sex in the very first scene of a book usually doesn't work out for me. In order for me to find the sex scenes actually sensual and erotic, I need to connect with the characters which I am not given time to do in the first chapters.

Also, I don't normally buy into the situation that after seeing the heroine once, the hero knows for sure that she's a natural submissive. One word and she creams her panties and apparently emits such strong smell that he can detect her.
I am always willing to go with a love or attraction at first sight story, hell, I really have a weak spot for them, but it needs chemistry to make it work. At least in my opinion. DNF.