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Hearts Under Fire - Kelly Wyre, H.J. Raine I really really liked the beginning of this book. Wow, I thought, this one is going to be an A+ if it continues like that. The writing style is incredibly touching and subtle, giving me exactly what I look for in a BDSM novel, more than just kink and commands but all that lies in between to establish a true Dom/sub relationship.

As it turns out later in the story, this isn't your usual BDSM gay romance novel. Both heroes are doms, and each in his own way enjoys submitting to the other one. Both are traumatised by a violent past and still suffer the consequences. Both are equally vulnerable and strong and submit to tears and emotional breakdowns as the story progresses.

This was actually a unique combination for me. I think I have never seen a dom quite like Daniel. The story still turned out to be a good one, but not the A+ I was initially going for. I always try to be up for some fresh plot twists and turns, sometimes they work out for the better, sometimes not. In this case it was somewhere in the middle, so I go with a B-. The story is a good one, I just wished for more D/s elements because I so much enjoyed how the authors established the dynamics in the beginning. B-