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Falling In

Falling In - Lydia Michaels This book started out fantastic, making my heart speed up and my mind and attention completely focused on the characters and the story. I am a sucker for great, smooth and polished writing, and Lydia Michaels highly measured up to my standards.

As far as "let's use the Shades of Grey formula" books go, this one probably features the most unusual heroine. Evelyn "Scout" Keats grew up in the streets. She literally has nothing to her name and struggles hard to dig herself up from the pit to make a better life for herself.

I was going with a straight A for this instalment until the hero started fantasising of Evelyn swollen with his child, thereby purposely forgetting to use contraception without Evelyn's consent. Nothing does happen, fortunately, but I really lost respect for him at this point. If there's something you don't play with, it's a child's life, not even in the throws of passion.

Another part in the story that made me downgrade Falling In, was, that one of the hero's closest friend turns traitor. I know that's quite a common trope, I just don't care for it personally. C-