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Becoming His Slave - Talon P.S. I really enjoyed this book and I wouldn't have thought so in the beginning, as its focus is on a slowly developing ownership between master and slave. I usually don't read 24/7 lifestyle romances, but it seems, this is the year of reading outside my comfort zone (thanks to GR) and I wasn't disappointed.

I am a sucker for epic romances and with over 200k+ words, I felt right at home, fully reminiscing some beloved books from the eighties I have on my keepershelf. Nowadays, I often get bored with long romances, but Talon PS has a true talent of keeping me captivated, and I loved that the relationship between the hero and heroine developed slowly and only took off in the second half of the story.

I was going with a straight A rating, but I realised that some parts of the unique relationship were de trop for me, like that he even wanted to brush her teeth. There is something alluring about the thought of being a sexual slave, but the whole other stuff made me feel imprisoned and suffocated. However, there is absolutely no doubt that Trenton, the dom, is completely and totally devoted to Katianna and that his love for her is, indeed, of the deepest kind.

It is mentioned in the beginning that the author is dyslexic, but some additional editing would have done a world of good. There are many many mistakes in the story, and my tolerance level, usually, is pretty low and hadn't I been this enthralled by the story I would have discontinued. Personally, I found the usage of theca and pudendum, two medical terms, rather off putting, but that’s probably a question of taste and preferences. B