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Finding Master Right

Finding Master Right - L.A. Witt This book didn't turn out to my liking even though I really tried to get into its spirit, but in the end I voted for a D grade. The sub is a masochist and while recently I have read a number of good books where this inclination was featured, I didn't find it sexy or arousing at all in this case. There was one nipple torture scene in the story that was just too painful for me and not in a sexy kind of way. In the end it just grossed me out.

There's plenty of sex in the book but the two MCs only have a go at each other in the last quarter of the story, as the sub tries out anyone who tickles his fancy while visiting a leather convention with his future dom and current good friend.

The most repulsive part for me happend between a secondary leather couple where the sub calls his dom Daddy. Now I know this is common practice in some circles, but I don't perceive it as sexy that's why I avoid it religiously. I go by the live and let live policy that's why I usually screen my reads, unfortunately not enough this time. D