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Fated - S.H. Kolee It was really easy to get into the story. The writing is fluent and captivating, the setting totally to my liking (I have a weak spot for artsy backgrounds), and at the moment I find myself craving those "rich guy meet innocent virgin" plots (guilty pleasure alarm).

Somewhere around the middle of Fated, I was sure I would go with a B grade for this story, which, towards the ending, I had to downgrade.

I know absolutely nothing about the American foster system, but fact is that the heroine suffered through it after her parents died in an accident and got raped repeatedly. Her way of dealing with the past is to put a lot of effort into locking away those memories in a part of her mind she never wants to be reminded of again.

Fortunately, I have never been raped, but I can't imagine that this kind of "crisis management" is healthy and truly effective in the long run. So the whole happy ending part left me kind of unsatisfied as the heroine never came to terms with her past and just kind of ignored it. C