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Caught By Two Doms - Holly S. Roberts I will review both books in this mini series together, because while the first novel ends with a lovely happy ending, the story isn't really complete without the second part. I guess Two Doms For Angel is a book I wouldn't have touched with a ten foot pole, hadn't it been for the great reviews on Goodreads, seeing as it deals with an aspect of BDSM I usually avoid, a master slave relationship.

Two Doms For Angel, the first book, is solely told from Zachary’s point of view, a former marine who years ago in a mission saved Angel from human traffickers. Zachary himself, too, was saved from death by Monroe who, as a killer for the government, stumbled just in time upon the badly beaten and held captive soldier. I won’t extol in this review how the three of them find together, as the author does a splendid job of showing their journey in the book. However, what really merits mention on my part is the way I came to deeply appreciate the master slave relationship between Monroe and Angel. The few 24/7 stories I have read were all about the dom slowly, skilfully extending his domination over the sub, about his want of total control that slowly captivates the sub. Sure, in the end the sub was happy with the arrangement, but I as a reader always felt kind of captivated in the worst sense of the word. I couldn’t understand the wish to give up control up to the level of letting another person decide what to eat and how to clothe.

In the case of this book it is Angel and the horrible events of her past, her upbringing as an Arabic woman and her different social background that made it so clear why giving total submission to Monroe is exactly the right way for her to be totally free. Monroe isn’t a cruel dom, or a dom who insists on endless training sessions with Angel, making her learn to pose in various positions. Monroe’s first passion belongs to Shibari. Since he was a young lad knots and rope have helped him to find a connection to other human beings. When dealing with rope, staging a beautiful scene with a sub, he finds his inner peace and strength. The reason why Monroe becomes Angel’s master, is, because he feels that Angel is not able to set her own boundaries, to respect her own limits. His passion stems from giving Angel what she needs to feel save and cherished, not from imposing his will on her. And yes, I know, the former is usually what BDSM is about, but it’s because of the author’s writing talent that I truly appreciated this power exchange between them.

Zachary has learned to master his dominant cravings under the subtle tutelage of Monroe. He is able to complete and fulfil Angel’s need in a completely different way than Monroe and learns, as the story progresses, to outgrow his own limits and to finally allow himself to submit to Monroe’s ultimate domination.

The reason why I go with a B+ and not an A grade is twofold. First, I was so happy when Zachary finally submitted to Monroe and was hoping for some really hot and lovely scenes. Zachary and Monroe’s relationship isn’t an easy one. When they finally find together it’s in a violent and brutal way, especially as Zachary started out his journey through and through heterosexual and as a dominant. What I was missing was a sex scene of tenderness without violence, I truly wanted to nurture that mushy feeling inside me a little more. Secondly, Angel has a child in the last part of the second book. And seeing as she practically lives an isolated life in the big mansion with her two doms and constantly thinks of them as Master and Sir, rarely addressing them with their given names, I found the concept of a child somewhat frightening. I can’t help myself, I wouldn’t want my child to grow up in an isolated mansion with a mother who rarely seeks contact with the outside world. I also don’t want to imagine sitting together at a table and eating breakfast, while Monroe feeds a kneeling Angel with his hand. I know, this won’t ever happen, but my fantasy is running rampant. B+