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Annihilate Me Vol. 1

Annihilate Me Vol. 1 - Christina Ross I am torn in two directions where this mini-series by Christina Ross is concerned. I absolutely loved the first instalment and got really sucked into the story by the author's writing style which is smooth and polished and captivating.

However, what really annoyed me to no end in the second and third instalment was the author's way of cutting up the story and splitting it into three separate books. I know, thanks to Shades of Grey it's now all the rage to go with several instalments. I am actually fine with that, but most authors try to find a kind of temporary ending for the story and recapitulate the major and most important parts in the books to come. J. Kenner's Stark trilogy comes to mind at this point. She actually wrote great non-cliffhanger, happy for now endings for each instalment AND did a splendid job of recapping important elements of previous happenings. In the case of the Annihilate series the author just started the second and third instalment with the last ten to fifteen percent of the previous story's ending. Grrr.

Back to the plot now: the story continued in a great way, but I was really disappointed in the love scenes. While I truly adored the writing itself, the love scenes were kind of a let down. They weren't bad, but I honestly expected more, especially since I loved the narrative of the story so much.

The third instalment ends with a happy ending, but a very unsatisfactory one. We don't get to know the real culprit and the hero and heroine have to go into exile because the threats to their lives have become too dangerous. Whether there will or won't be a fourth instalment depends on reader reactions. Well, this reader was quite annoyed by this information. I go with an A for the first, a B for the second and a C for the third instalment.