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Kaine's Redemption - Jan Bowles The longer I have been reading erotic romance stories, the more I tend to consume books dealing with the BDSM lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have also become quite spoilt where this genre is concerned, especially after reading all those lovely books written by authors such as Abigail Barnette, J. Kenner, Beth Kerry, Cherise Sinclair or RK Lilley, to name only a few.

I was totally prepared for stereotypes when I started Kaine's Redemption, duh! The plot is quite generic, featuring a rich guy who wants to support a young and unsuccessful artist. He invites her on his Carribean island where they are supposed to have some hot monkey sex and fall in love with each other. The writing style was smooth and easy to get into, unfortunately, while my tolerance level for generic plots is very high, I have absolutely zero tolerance for bulldozing heroes. Abigail Barnette has forever and ever spoilt me for average doms, as her hero, Neil Elwood, in The Boss duet, is the sexiest dominant and kinky gentleman I have yet to encounter. What I really like is reading about a skilful dominant who shows some expertise when luring the heroine into the big, dark world of BDSM. I don't need hardcore though I don't mind it, but I crave reading about more than just commanding the heroine to kneel. I like the subtle nuances and gestures that make me believe that the heroine actually WANTS to submit to the hero and isn’t just commanded to do so. To be fair, this isn't a bad book, it's just that nowadays I expect more in a good BDSM romance novel. DNF.