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Ivan - Roxie Rivera There are a lot of things in romance I tend to avoid, such as mob and Russian sub plots, for example. Nevertheless, I caved in (thanks to a couple of nice reviews) and I tried out the first instalment of Roxie Rivera's Russian Protector series. As it turned out, Ivan was a highly entertaining and sexy read, even though the story contained an additional plot twist I don't particularly care for: a heroine who has a “friend/relative/fill in” behaving TSTL and needing constant “care/money/attention” from the MC. In this case it was Erin’s drug addicted sister, but fortunately Erin grew a pair of balls and lost her co-dependency.

The love scenes are very hot in a vanilla kind of way, and that's something I really appreciate in an author. There's nothing special about the plot itself, but there IS a lot of chemistry between Erin and Ivan and the love scenes are sizzling and hot and made me believe in the couple’s happy ending. In the end I grade a book by its enjoyment factor: B+