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Solace in Scandal - Kimberly Dean Ever since reading Judith McNaught's Perfect, I am a little squeamish when it comes to reading stories, where one of the MCs has been imprisoned for a longer period. Fortunately, the hero in this book, Alexander Wolfe, was only detained for eighteen months, still a long time, but way easier for me to wrap my mind around than five years.

I have enjoyed Kimberly Dean's contemporary romances since accidentally discovering the Ellora's Cave quickie Hypnotica she published years ago. This short novella and High School Reunion are two of my all time favourite vanilla books, I virtually shelf right next to Lisa Marie Rice's hot stuff.

When reading the blurb of Solace in Scandal, I was imagining some hateful, scheming plot full of lies and evil machinations, as I was used to encounter in a lot of old Sandra Brown romantic suspense titles. However, I am very glad to say, there is no false or construed conflict between Alex and Elena Bardot, the heroine. I am a sucker for erotic tension and build up. I prefer reading about the chemistry between two characters before they jump into bed and I absolutely love when the air is sizzling of eroticism and sexual attraction. And Solace in Scandal totally lived up to my expectations. The sex scenes are hot and the chemistry between Alex and Elena is blazing.

The reason why I go with a B grade is the situation surrounding the whole Ponzi scheme Elena's father and Alex's grandfather orchestrated. Admittedly, I understand very little about micro- and macro-economic strategies, but while reading the story, I became very anxious about how the author would give me a satisfying ending. Alex and Elena are the victims of their families' machinations. They are seriously affected by bad press and paparazzis and are daily confronted with the allegation of being responsible for the abstraction of money.

I was wondering if in the end some proof in favour of their innocence would appear, but the solution presented to me turned out to be quite different. Again, I would like to emphasise that I am no economist, but to my layman's eyes the solution felt rather like a "Deus ex Machina" ploy and not totally satisfying.

However, the reason why I read Kimberly Dean is for the erotic romance, and on that part she totally fulfilled my expectations. B

I got the ebook copy courtesy from the author in exchange for an honest review.