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If Only

If Only - Cherise Sinclair In theory a ménage sounds very hot, in practice I think - and totally excluding the emotional dynamics here - that mostly having sex in a three-way relationship can be rather exhausting and exertive, and most often was lacking true intimacy in the books I have read so far.

What distinguishes If Only from many other ménage stories is the fact that the two heroes feel like brothers for each other who simply enjoy sharing the same kinks and women. Again, very hot in theory, in practice probably often quite taxing for the woman as she is the sole recipient and/or giver.

The D/s dynamics is well established, the sex hot and the character development as always splendidly done. Actually, I also bought quite a bit into the ménage story, maybe because it wasn’t sugar coated but dealt with in a rather realistic and convincing way. I read this book because it was written by Cherise Sinclair. Many ménage stories often feel fake and two-dimensional, which is one reason why I normally try to find other reading material. B