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Truth - Sherri Hayes This short review applies to number #2 and #3 in the series as I have read them back-to-back. All in all a good continuation weren't it for Stephan's way of dealing out punishment. It's never harsh, but letting Anna sleep on the floor next to his bed for one week is not the kind of punishment scene I enjoy to read about.

My other problem lies with Anna's freedom. Stephan tells her repeatedly that she's free to go and is under no pressure to become his submissive. However, Anna wouldn't know where to go and therefore really wants to like and love Stephan's way of living, but I would feel more comfortable would Anna have the means to live independently without Stephan before committing to him.

Third and last, Anna is very very VERY eager to please Stephan. She can't even bring herself to address him by his given name but always resorts to calling him Sir. She is more eager to please him than to first and foremost please herself and to truly discover who she is and who she can be with and without Stephan.

Anna and Stephan's relationship, at the moment, is based on too much co-dependency for my tastes, but still highly entertaining, so I go with a B- read and recommend to anyone who is interested to keep a broad perspective when reading this series. B-