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Unbound - Cara McKenna This is a difficult book for me to rate. Unbound deals with elements of femdom, a subgenre I don't read very often and - as far as erotic romance is concerned - don't find all that exotic and erotic. However, Cara McKenna did a splendid job of selling me the setting and the characters, especially as the heroine was shown as such a loveable and self confident, funny person. The BDSM elements dealt with aspects of the lifestyle such as humiliation which are usually hit or miss for me. In principle, I don't care for humiliation scenes, but now and then I find an author who knows how to deal with this subject. In the case of this book my enjoyment factor was rather average, but as I really cared for the characters and admire the way how the author sold me this particular story, I go with a B-. Does she do maledom stories, too? I would love to try out one of those.