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The Professor

The Professor - Josie Leigh "Warning: This book contains mature sexual themes and consensual acts of BDSM with characters that aren't emotionally flawed or damaged."

LOL, can't help myself, I found this comment really funny. Shades of Grey *hint hint*

The Professor was a very satisfying read featuring some nice BDSM scenes between a 28 year old professor (is it even possible to have a professorship at that age in the States?) and his 22 years old student.

While the sex scenes are very hot, the book didn't really involve me emotionally, maybe because everything is so clean cut. She has experience in BDSM and knows what she wants; he sees her, takes her, fucks her and likes her. There's no real conflict going on and while the ending of the story promises some external problems to come, there's no real conflict between the couple, no emotional heights or depths, nothing to make me feel emotionally invested as a reader. So my final verdict is that while the sex scenes are nice and the writing ok with only a few editing mistakes, I am missing the emotional connection and therefore won't continue the series. B