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Woman in a Sheikh's World

Woman in a Sheikh's World - Sarah Morgan It's been quite some time since I've read any series romances, but all those great Sarah Morgan reviews over at DA enticed me to try her out. And every now and then I have to indulge in my guilty pleasure sheikh romances *g*.

When I started the story I was quite sure I would go with a C, as I assumed the hero to be rather pigheaded and overbearing. There is some great dialogue between the main characters. Very lively, very emotional. You can feel the hurt feelings between them, but simultaneously the love they try to hide from each other is tangible. The heroine has a real backbone, YEAH. She is strong and independent and successful in her event planning business. This is actually great, because so often women are portrayed as highly educated but unsuccessful in real life.

As it turned out towards the ending, there ARE good reasons why the hero behaved, well, how he behaved, and why the heroine has such hang-ups. I enjoyed myself so much towards the ending that I go with a B grade.