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Nikolai - Roxie Rivera This instalment, so far, was the most disappointing in the My Russian Protector series. I didn't mind that Vivian was a virgin and wanted to wait until her wedding night for her first time, though I will never understand that notion. But please, we are not in the Middle Ages. At one point during the story Vivian and Nicolai sleep together in one bed, he on TOP of the blanket in order to avoid the temptation of ravishing her. WTF? This is 2013, not Victorian England and some cuddling together would have made this reader way more satisfied with this book. Also, they don't have sex until the last part of the book because of some stupid misunderstanding which read like stolen out of your average TSTL historical romance.
I so much enjoyed the other books so far that I am really reluctant to continue the series. Especially because there was a minor torture scene in the novel featuring Sergej and Kostya who will get their happy end probably in the next books to come. D, because I am so disappointed and because my enjoyment factor was practically non-existent.