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Finding Zach

Finding Zach - Rowan Speedwell I was really apprehensive about this story, seeing as one of the heroes has been living in captivity, being literally kept as a dog whore, until his rescue. I do not have the stomach to read pages upon pages about various torture procedures, one of the main reasons why I completely stopped reading Karen Rose who quite excels at this.
Anyway, the book dealt with the whole trauma rehabilitation quite believingly (without giving me five chapters on torture), and I also enjoyed how the two heroes get closer, rediscover their love and watch Zach slowly find himself and become reacquainted with the knowledge what having a free life actually means and offers.
Where the book actually looses some points is towards the ending which is rushed by skipping some seriously important moments that would have been needed to strengthen my believe as a reader in the relationship How will they deal with several months long separations while Zach is away on college? Come on, that can’t be that easy peasy as it is shown. And this being an EROTIC romance with some hot sex scenes there’s also the lack of addressing the problem of both heroes being tops, but Zach not wanting to bottom due to his past. Consequently making David, a previously strong top and anal virgin, the sole recipient. The problem is never addressed and dealt with, but is, in my opinion, a serious situation that should be dealt with satisfyingly.
I go with a C+ which is a shame because I liked the first three quarters of the book immensely and either would have wished for an extended, more elaborate ending or a second instalment.