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Where He Ends and I Begin - Cardeno C. Where He Ends and I Begin is very nice and sweet and cheesy and sometimes just a little too much over the top in the kitsch department. Don't take me wrong, I do love me some sweet romances but the problem with this book doesn't lie with its sweetness but the fact that there's hardly any conflict and what little there is, is solved in the first 30% of the story. Jake and Nate have loved each other since their earliest childhood. While Nate is openly gay, Jake only ever was interested in Nate, otherwise he favours the fairer sex and is quite the womanizer. Both are consumed by the love they feel for the other, but fate, non-existent communication and plain stupidity keeps them from each other. However, thirty percent into the book they find their love and after that everything goes just as they wish. They decide to move back to their Southern small town where they grew up. Everyone is totally ok with them being a couple, no hostility is there to be found and because life is so easy they find the perfect jobs and even get the offer to adopt a small girl. Nice but boring. I really enjoy C. Cardeno's writing style very much and one of her big talents is to suck me right into her stories, to make me ache and suffer with the heroes, to love, live and laugh with them which was a bit difficult in this story because it was lacking true charisma. C-