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Hard As It Gets

Hard As It Gets  - Laura Kaye This is quite a difficult book to rate, because I absolutely loved the heroine but the so-called suspense plot was very boring at times.

It has been a very long time since I have encountered a heroine like Becca Merrits whom I like to apply the word feisty to without having to roll my eyes and thinking of heaving bosoms and eighties bodice ripper romances.

Becca is very courageous without being stupid, she doesn't pout, she's a heads-on person even if it gets uncomfortable, she knows how to deal with difficult situations, and, most important for this reader, she isn't a martyrer. I usually avoid books where the heroine has to save a brother, father, sister, mother, [fill in] like the plague because those stories often result in the heroine's self-abandonment and martyrdom which is such a typical trait of my gender throughout history that I don't need to read about it in romance.
However, needless to say that Becca doesn't fit that shoe, but saves the romance when the plot gets too boring.

Nick, our hero, is a nice enough person with edges and problems, but more blurred and not as tangible as Becca. They have chemistry, make a good couple and have some really hot love scenes, but ultimately he wouldn't make my top three of all time favourite heroes.

Now to the plot which in theory would totally be up my alley. There's something big, mysterious going on in the military, and Becca's late father as well as Nick and his former soldier colleagues are right in the middle of it without actually knowing any details. I do love conspiracy plots like we get in The Firm, The Jury or the DaVinci Code, but for all that is right, this suspense story is a bit lacking and boring, so I skipped some parts of it at the end. All in all I go with a C+ because Becca was really really great and a pleasure to read about.