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Sweet Surrender  - Maya Banks Superficially, this book holds everything a reader of subtly kinky erotic romance novels might enjoy. To this reader, however, Sweet Surrender felt really fake on several levels, be it the BDSM, the romantic suspense or the romance part. I skipped some parts of the book towards the ending as I simply didn't care for the hero and heroine enough to follow their story any longer.

For all their talking about looking for a true Dom/sub relationship, where the dom calls the shots, even outside the bedroom, there was little shown activity, actually. To be frank, the heroine hat an idea of something but never really tried it out, because in my opinion there's a huge difference between a D/s relationship that is restricted to the bedroom or expands to everyday life.

I guess me and Maya Banks just don't work out as nothing in this book inspired me to shell out another five or more Euros to read more of her work. D