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The Chocolate Thief

The Chocolate Thief - Laura Florand I have zero tolerance for stupid heroines and this one is definitely icing the cake. For a well-educated, supposedly brilliant woman who is the heir to a multi-billion dollar chocolate imperium she's an embarassement to my gender.

Cade Corey's biggest wish is to acquire a famous French chocolatier and create a new luxury chocolate line for her family's uber successful, yet very middle to lower class chocolate brand.

She appears to have a somewhat lukewharm acquisition plan, yet as soon as the first thing goes wrong (namely the chocolatier in question doesn't want to cooperate) she doesn't have one smart idea concerning plan B to her name.

She burglarises the chocolatier's store, leaves finger prints in plain sight and is a real shame to every professional, in high executive ranks working woman because her stratagems resemble a dim-witted airhead and not the smart business woman she is portrayed to be.