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Lovely Trigger - R.K. Lilley This short review applies to the second and third instalment of the Tristan & Danika mini-series. For the price of well over 5€ a book there are way too many editing and spelling mistakes in the novels, especially where the third part, Lovely Trigger is concerned. Nowadays, it seems to be expected that we reader have a high tolerance levels said errors, but frankly, for this price I expected more.

Talk about an unhealthy relationship romance. Tristan and Danika are so jealous of each other, they even go boinkers when one of them so much as looks or smiles at another person. I was hoping for some growing up during their separation, something you could expect with the fast approach of their late twenties, but no luck. So when reading this romance don’t expect to encounter a healthy relationship development.

Nevertheless, I mostly enjoyed the series, but not as much as James's and Bianca's story. Some parts are rather boring and too long-ish, but all in all I go with a B-, C+ for the second and third part of T&D's story. My grade for Lovely Trigger dropped a whole point after the sappy ending which just made me gag. I am all for happy family epilogues, but there's something like too much kitsch, ya know.