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A Taste of You

A Taste of You - Sorcha Grace Every once in a while I am in the mood for some stereotypical romance à la Shades of Grey and this freebie pulled at me with all its glorious talk about food and delicacies.

The story reads smoothly and has a great heroine who is not a naive virgin but does know good sex and is allowed to be professionally successful. The chemistry and sex scenes are well written and developed, I only would have wished for a little more serious talking and less jumping to conclusions. On the plus side, however, the hero and heroine didn't go on my nerves with their behaviour (which frankly can easily happen with these kinds of books) so it turned out well and makes me want to read the next instalment in the series. This was a great guilty pleasure B+ read!

ETA: the hero is a veritable "cordon bleu" chef in the kitchen and enjoys good food, so I think he is a gourmet and not, as in the book once written, a gourmand which is more like a glutton *g*.