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Pup - S.J.D. Peterson It seems yours truly and SJD Peterson's voice and brand of kink just don't click. The set up was a bit unusual with the submissive hero having a serious AD(H)S problem, making it difficult for him to concentrate more than a few seconds on one task. The dom's brand of training therefore included some serious discipline and punishment (great) and a mile long list of household chores (urggg). The sub's whole task is to think of the dom's pleasure and ignore his own. Again great in theory and I get the whole idea of thereby making Pup more capable of concentrating on one thing, but I do need to believe that he actually really really enjoys doing that, otherwise the dom just comes over as a selfish pushy SOB which he definitely is not. What I need as a reader in such a set up is to be completely sold hook line and sinker to this special brand of training, otherwise the story will loose me and has lost me as it was not able to emotionally involve me at all.
I have read a few 24/7 stories, some seriously hot and outstanding, and some like this one where I think of the sub just as a cheap maid, even though he actually WANTS to do the stuff. The worst that can happen in a kinky romance novel is to be bored by the sex and to not connect with the characters. C

I won't read the other books in this series as there was the talk of a dom couple who seriously is into piss play and, if remembering correctly but not quite sure, also needles. Now those two things I can do without.