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This Is Who I Am - Cherise Sinclair I have read my fair share of BDSM novels featuring various kinks from pony play to classic "me dom you sub" set-ups. I usually don't care for masochistic subs but I wanted to give this one a try because it was written by Cherise Sinclair. The story was highly enjoyable and well-written with solidly developed characters. However, as expected the sex scenes featured too much pain and one scene in particular included so many orgasms that I got kind of bored. Where erotic romances are concerned, as a reader you get kind of used to over the top sex scenes where the heroine orgasms again and again and again. I have never before read a sex scene where I got bored in a Cherise Sinclair book, but apparently there's always time for a first time.

What really annoyed the hell out of me where the heroine’s children. They knew her mother was abducted and held as a slave but more detailed information was withheld from them. As they find out their mother is into kinky sex, they accuse her of various sins and deviances and behave like the worst kind of bigots. The hero, Sam, does his best to bring them together again, but I just thought what lousy shitheads those kiddies are.

Come on, even if I don't have all the details, only the stupidest person doesn't cry rape rape rape when a woman is kept as a slave for several weeks. And we are talking about their mother here! They put more belief in a silly newspaper article written by a creepy stalker reporter than they trust their own mother. Who was a nice mother by the way, not an uncaring bitch.

Sam and Linda's story is really nice and sexy, despite the pain, but the children got really on my nerves, therefore I go with a B-.