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Of Dark and Bright - Kate Sherwood
I read all the main books in the trilogy and a few of the freebies in a row, what a marathon!

The first two novels, A Dark Horse and Out of the Darkness are written in the present tense, not my favourite choice to start with and not the best in this case either as it turned out. Sherwood's writing style is slow and thorough and the reader gets to know a lot about eventing, horses, riding and the business side of things. The so-called ménage part doesn't start developing until the last fifth of the novel. Taking this slow narrative into consideration, I would have given a lot to have the books written in the more common past tense, as the author's style simply wasn't grabbing enough to keep my attention all the time and the story was more descriptive than dialogue driven.

The ménage part, actually the main reason why I bought this series, once again reminds me why I usually stay clear of this subgenre. Dan, Jess and Evan are hot and lovable guys but boy is this thing complicated. Again and again there are obstacles and complications and sometimes I just wanted to hit their heads together and tell them to just simply communicate more openly and honestly with each other, that would have helped a lot already. This series is easily over a thousand pages long but features very few actual sex scenes between the three, kind of disappointing to be honest, as I buy such a themed book also to get some steamy reading material.

What annoyed me the most was the money issue that was most prominent in Of Dark and Bright. Evan is the billionaire in the ménage. He has a lot of money and the business sense to make more. He is a decent guy to the core and simply wants to share his wealth with the guys he love. I get it that this can be a sensitive subject but the dialogue they have a the end of the book that they want to share the costs of everything etc even when both Jess and Dan simply do not have the same amount of money ..., it was simply frustrating to read about YET another conflict after everything they already went through that I downgraded the book a whole grade, simply because I was so annoyed.

The most interesting part, and isn't this sad to say, was reading about the whole eventing process of which I had zero knowledge before. There are some incredibly lovely scenes between the horses and Dan, the same loveliness I would have enjoyed very much to read about between the men. I go with a B- for book #1 and #2, a C+ for book #3 as well as the freebies.