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The Mane Event - Shelly Laurenston When it comes to Shelly Laurenston's books, be sure to expect plenty of humorous and funny scenes and to enjoy many belly laughs. Laurenston's heroines are very strong and not seldom quite violent in a casual, girl next door way.
I read both titles in this book waaaay back when the author first published them with Triskelion, and IIRC they were even published as two separate stories. But that's long gone and Triskelion bit the dust quite some years ago, rightly so.

The best parts of both stories are the intimate and erotic love scenes between the main characters. They are highly funny, sensual, sometimes a little bit dirty and totally vanilla, for those who prefer it this way. My problem with both stories lies more with the plot part. There is little to speak of and the action scenes, if there are any, seem rather stilted and "squeezed" in between the love scenes. I honestly didn't get what the plot was actually about besides boy meets girl, everything else was too blurry.

One interesting question of mine wasn't satisfyingly answered; it concerns the second story where a lion shifter falls in love with a wolf shifter. Apparently they can have children, but puh-lease the outcome sounds a little bit frightening and NOT really desirable. C+