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Raine on Me - Laurann Dohner Errrggg, the author lost me right at the beginning of the story. Not because they jumped at each others bones right from the start or boinked each other senseless, but because the heroine was too weak for this reader.
The getting acquainted scene between Brit and River is quite funny. She's a physical therapist and sent to his ranch to help him recover from an accident, he's a perpetually horny man who tries with all his might and “attributes” to get her into his bed.

Brit resists him beautifully and counters his advances in a sassy, convincing and very funny way. I really liked her, because she seemed to have spunk and even though she was very attracted to River, she was able to stay professional and not jump his bones right away.

And then, after that highly entertaining and humorous opening scene, what does she do, she switches personality and claims she can't resist him anymore and like a damsel in distress lets herself be seduced by his rather obvious charm.

This book had a very promising set up, especially for someone on the look out for a funny love story with sexy love scenes and nice characters. But sometimes erotic romance authors just don’t seem to get that even with steamy stories readers need time to connect with the characters and expect more than Duracell-powered energizer bunny non-stop sex right from the first chapter. I acutally want to like the characters I dedicate my reading time to. DNF.