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Undescribable - Shantel Tessier I was quite looking forward to this trilogy by Shantel Tessier, loved the covers (I am easily tempted by nice covers!) and the reviews sounded highly promising. However, I discontinued after having read about 40% of the story due to several reasons. The hero is a man whore in his prime which wouldn't have posed a problem at all, if not for his sometimes subliminally misogynistic behaviour towards his one night stands. He plays always save and fair as in not promising them more than one night but he seems to feel very little respect for the women he sleeps with which frankly is something that doesn't really endear him to me. I have read my fair share of man whore novels and if this is the hero's story I prefer him to "enjoy" the female gender whole-heartedly in all its variations and not see them as little else than a warm hole.

The whole thing how Slade falls in love with Samantha's voice is rather ridiculous in my opinion. Considering his reputation with women it feels unbelievable and fairy tale-ish, not to mention that he seems constantly apologising for what ever construed reason pops into his mind.

Last but not least, there's too much drinking and loving of wine and other beverages going on which felt at certain times as if the main protagonists were alcoholics in the making and halfway there already. DNF