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The Hook-Up - Abigail Barnette After having read way too many erotic romances I have become very very picky these days, and even though I still try out a lot of newbie authors, most of them don't pass my check-up because I need more than fast, hard and intensive sex scenes to keep on reading.

One reason why I love this mini-series so much is that in the first book we really get the time to get acquainted with Neil and Sophie and how deeply they love each other. Neil as the dom in the relationship has quite a number of kinky inclinations I wouldn't want to read about in any story, but because it is so absolutely obvious how much he loves Sophie, the author can sell me some pretty heavy BDSM scenes I wouldn't care about in other books.

The Hook-Up is all about Neil who submits for the second time in his life to a dom, mostly for Sophie to better understand her desire for submission.
This is a short, sexy and nice read, but I am really looking forward to the next instalment which will be a full length novel. B