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Unbeautifully Loved - Emma Grayson What's not to like about this book's set-up I asked myself when I bought it? Nice heroine - on the run with her son and best friend from an abusive husband – gets help from a gorgeous alpha detective who wants to be her white knight.

The beginning of the story was good. I enjoyed the author's writing style and the book's flow, felt the chemistry between the heroine and hero and was all together looking forward to quickly finish the novel. ... In the beginning the reader is told that the house the refugees were going to live in was paid by the heroine's and her best friend's fathers. Talk about leaving a trail, but I thought ok – let’s give this story a chance, maybe it will turn out all right.
But then the heroine became this silly creature whom I just wanted to shake some sense into. Being on the run for eight months and apparently deadly afraid from her husband she is nevertheless stupid enough to not even THINK about locking!!!! her front door during the night. Also, as far as I understood - she uses her real name when she looks for work.?$%&
Additionally, I didn't really get the heroine’s father. His character was kind of contradictory. On one hand he wanted her to loose the baby and last saw her right after the birth of her son. Then he wants to make amends and helps paying for the house (ok - that part I get). And when he hears that his son in law is such a mean bastard he wants to kill him in order to protect his baby girl. Which father who would kill for his “baby girl” but doesn't offer the slightest support when she's pregnant? After reading half of the story I mostly skimmed the rest. D-