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The Story Guy - Mary Ann Rivers This story made me think a lot about the question of how much reality I want to read about in romance novels. But before I turn to that question, I would like to mention that the love portrayed in this story was totally up my alley and absolutely magical. Carrie and Brian do not just feel love for each other, it's more like they can't survive without the other person, that they have found a love so special you have to search for it a hundred lifetimes over and when you find it you hold on to it with all your might, even if life throws a lot of shit at you.
Having been reading romance novels since 2001 I know very well that this is nothing new, but what makes The Story Guy so special is that I truly believed in this big kismet love. I absolutely love and enjoy reading about all consuming feelings, but reading about it or actually believing in the story the author tells me are two different pair of shoes. So, thank you very much Mary Ann Rivers for making me again believe that there is a love for everyone out there so big it can heal the deepest wounds.

What makes me give this story a B+ and not a straight A is the fact that I apparently am a very shallow reader because in my romance novels I simply do not want to read about certain tragedies. Brian has been taking care of his severely mentally ill sister for over ten years. He is mentally, psychologically and physically at his limits and has very little to offer to Carrie. Everything else, how they both deal with the subject and that there is a good solution to the problem in the ending is dealt with superbly, it's just that I honestly don't want to read about stuff like that in my romance novels because I turn to them to disconnect from real life, especially when it has tendencies to pull me down such as environmental, political, [fill in] issues sometimes do. B+