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Lash - Sam Crescent Lash was a freebie provied by ARe which started out well, albeit with a totally un-PC, but highly entertaining guilty pleasure plot. The nineteen years old!!!! virgin heroine Angel Marston is held captive by a local motorgang until her father pays his debts.

Lash, the muscle man of the group, has decided that the sweet curvy virgin is his and protects her from the rougher members of the gang, but when the time is up he decides to deflower her - in front of the group, as apparently is somehow the custom for ladies who don't want to be the club slut but belong to only one man. This is were I discontinued, because for yours truly there was nothing sexy or romantic about this situation, and I frankly don't know whether the public sex scene followed or not, but with contemporaries I always need credibility, a heroine who is more than a docile lamb and a hero who has more charm and sensitivity *shudder*. DNF.