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Finding Cinderella

Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover Considering that this book is addressed to teenagers I get the educational angle of the story and as someone who has been working with young adults for a long time, I know I could as well be 50 instead of 34 because times have changed and I feel really old LOL.

Six, the heroine, has had sex with five boys before she meets Daniel the hero, and none of them has ever been interested in holding her hand or offering her a nice evening out before taking her to bed. She doesn't seem to have any family problems or other hook-ups, so I frankly wonder what makes a girl have sex with so many boys if she receives so little respect and consideration from them? I honestly don't get it. Because from my experience there usually is more than a seemingly "normal" family background when a girl has so little self-esteem that she doesn’t expect a little courting. Frankly, Six is too little fucked up to make me believe her behaviour.

Aside from this aspect there is also this poetic waxing moment in the book when both Daniel and Six don't appear to be eighteen but 35, trying their hand at Shakespearian dialogues. Very nice, but again not all that believable but I really enjoyed them.

Most important, however, is the fact that this book didn't bore me and made me curious about the first instalment in this series. So I go with a B, despite the fact that Six isn't really an authentic heroine for me.