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Come Undone - Jessica Hawkins This review applies to all three parts of The Cityscape series. Wow, it has been a long time since a self published author, come to think of it – any author, has captured me so passionately, completely and fully as Jewssica Hawkins did with her debut novels.

The story does not feature the easiest plot to tell. It narrates Olivia's story who is seemingly happily married to a young and promising lawyer and who falls head over heels in lust and love with a womanizing hot shot architect. This is not only a story about separation and betrayal, but a story about a woman who learns to cope with her hurtful past and blossoms like a beautiful flower in spring.

What makes their love so fascinating to me as a reader was first the author's compelling writing style (and a well edited narrative!) and how she involved me in Olivia's and David's love which is explosive and full of hurt and so very passionate. Hawkins doesn’t make the same mistakes as many authors do nowadays, namely cluttering their novels with too many, too soon happening gratuitous love scenes. The passion between Olivia and David as well as their coming together is allowed to build achingly slowly, making it all the more wonderful.

There are some long-ish moments in the second instalment, but I go with a solid A- for the whole series. Hawkins is definitely an author to look out for!