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Under Locke

Under Locke - Mariana Zapata Generally, this book held a lot of promise. I liked the author's voice and writing style, the heroine's strength and toughness, how the hero turned from being an asshole into a droolworthy hunk and the overall hotness and erotic tension that was nearly tangible throughout the story.

However, there are three problems to its perfectness. First, the story is WAY too long and should be shortened by at least 150 pages. I like meaty romances, but they need a solid, air-tight plot to not loose me in the middle part. Iris and Dex don't have sex until about the last 40 percent of the story. Probably some more hot sex scenes could have helped a little in the boring middle, the story still is in serious need of shortening.

Secondly, Iris does something really, really, REALLY stupid way into the story. Which truly is a shame, because she appeared not to be of the TSTL breed. And last but not least, and here I am entering spoiler territory: Iris's fucked up father is in need of money which Iris and her half-brother refuse to give him in the beginning of the story. What do they do in the ending? They pay him off, even though they swore to themselves they would never do that. Also, there is no guarantee that dear dad wouldn't re-appear one day to ask for more money which a nice HEA takes care of by telling us that dad was never seen again. C+